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We offer routine blood testing both in house and coming soon will be able to offer limited blood work to be performed in the field.  We recommend that a general health panel be pulled yearly on senior horses or those horses that have had a history of chronic illness.  We are also able to do CBC, Chemistry, and Stable lab tests on site. Please call our office to arrange an appointment!!!

Fecal Egg Count Testing-  we offer in house fecal egg counts for your herd.

• To evaluate the anthelmintic efficacy using the FECRT. 
• To evaluate and monitor the egg reappearance period (ERP) of the most recently 
   administered dewormer. 
• To determine the shedding status of the horse at the time of sampling. 
• To determine whether parasite burdens in foals and weanlings are primarily P. equorum 
   or strongyle. 

For current AAEP recommendations on deworming and further information on fecal egg counts click the following link:

AAEP Parasite Control Guidelines

If you have any questions regarding our in house laboratory please feel free to contact us!!!!!

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