Digital Ultrasound

Equine Services LLC has several ultrasound units that we utilize here at the clinic as well as in the field.  We have multiple probes to visualize various tissues and structures including a musculoskeletal probe (to look at muscle, tendon, ligaments bone and soft tissue) and a rectal probe to view internal structures (reproductive organs, intestines, etc.).

Our digital ultrasound units help us to better identify problems, determine the extent of said problems, and formulate an appropriate diagnosis, prognosis and treatment plan.  

Our reproductive services include transrectal ultrasounds to determine where the mare is at in her cycle, and determine the best time to breed as well as diagnose pregnancies as early as 16 days.  We offer in house mare care to facilitate artificial insemination with both cooled shipped and frozen semen.  Our high quality ultrasounds help to guide us in the proper timing of insemination in these mares.  

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